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Great American Trucking Show 2017

August 24-26, 2017

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

Dallas, TX

Join us at booth #6107.

For more information on the Great American Trucking Show go to


Expedite Expo 2017

July 14-15, 2017 in the Lexington Center, Lexington, KY for the Expedite Expo. 

Schedule of Singings at North Baltimore, OH 2017

All singings are held at 6pm in the Iron Skillet Restaurant of the Petro at North Baltimore, OH


June 11

4-1-1 & Seekers


July 9

Christ Unlimitted & Charles Baldwin


August 13

Carl Woodring & Set Apart


October 8

Donna Sue & Jimmy Potridge


November 12

Heartsong & Olga Kipp

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